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Kelly just went out at Pipe on a black painted twin fin. Legend! ... Looks like an Aipa. ... Hopefully we get to see him surf in more sizable conditions. Dragon raja hacks
The Worlds First Twin fin featuring Dimple technology has arrived. We have teamed up with Akila Aipa, son of the Legendary Twin fin Master designer Ben Aipa. Akila has designed one of the most popular Twin fin templates on the market. We have now just made that design even better with the Dimple technology. These Twin fins take speed and drive to the next level.

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Complete range of surfboard fins made by Futures Fins. 5452 MCFADDEN AVE HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92649 SUPPORT: 714-891-1695

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It has twin fins, yet rides like a performance board. Misc. is designed to improve your surfing and satisfy pros alike for the best of both worlds. Placing the twin fins toe-in a little straighter also generates plenty of drag-free down-the-line speed. The fin-boxes have also been positioned further...

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In the early 70’s Ben Aipa envisioned and created “Da Sting”. The first winged board of its kind. This unmistakable outline ushered in one of the most explosive moments in surf history.

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3dfins 3dフィン akila aipa signature [rasta foils] twin fin ツインフィン future fcs2 2fin サーフィン 【あす楽対応】 2020-09-17 rasta foils futureタイプ fcs2タイプ メーカー希望小売価格はメーカーカタログに基づいて掲載しています

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Twin fin magic. Home / The Lab; Twin fin magic 06 Jan 2012. I received this Ben Aipa Twinny 20 years ago from a friend up the street who was moving up north, he did not surf any more, and was happy to pass it on to a happy little surf rat like my self.

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He adapted the design to produce a longer surfboard with a narrower, cut-in tail (perhaps inspired by the Ben Aipa stingers of the era) to offset the loss of maneuverability from the increased length, and with large twin fins rather than keels.

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1990s Donald Takayama twin fin shortboard surfboard shaped by the late Donald Takayama (1943-2012). Features a beautiful red tint with matching red fins. Signed by the late Donald Takayama. A great example of a retro twin fin surfboard shaped by a legend of the surfing world. This vintage surfboard remains in all original condition.

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<p>Featuring a floral pattern deck with classic transitional era surfboard shape. If you have any…, Contact Us | Location: California *Worldwide Shipping Available* Hobie Phil Edwards model custom 9’0 longboard shaped in the mid 1990’s by Phil Edwards serial #4641. One of a kind, beautiful decorative surfboard work of…, $4,495 Contact Us | Location: California *Worldwide Shipping ...

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Industry Updates Europe, Florida, Hawaii & California to be represented during shape-off Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2014 - The Boardroom Consumer Surfboard Tradeshow is pleased to announce the six shapers honoring Ben Aipa this May in Del Mar.

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